Global Administrative and Travel Support

Global Administrative and Travel Support
Welcome to Global Administrative and Travel Support!
Our office offers faculty, staff, and students resources that aid in planning and implementing successful global travel, whether individual travel or a group trip. We have designed this site to provide you with the most important information you should consider before traveling.
One of the most important tools for Duke travelers is the Travel Registry, accessed through the button below.  All students - undergraduate, graduate, or professional - are required to register any travel outside of the United States related to Duke.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to register so that Duke can provide timely assistance if an emergency occurs while abroad.
To be notified of updates to Duke's Global Travel Policy and Restricted Regions List, please send your name and email to​.
Emergency Abroad? We Can Help!
Emergency situations can surprise even the most well-prepared travelers. Duke offers Emergency Response resources to provide immediate assistance when health and safety are at risk abroad, including 24/7 support from International SOS and, for employees, CIGNA Medical Benefits Abroad.
Register Your Upcoming Travel
The Travel Registry is Duke's primary resource for providing support to its international travelers. When an emergency occurs outside of the United States, Duke can use the Travel Registry to proactively contact its faculty, staff, and students in the affected location to ensure their safety and offer assistance if necessary. All students are required to register any travel outside of the United States related to Duke.
Visas, Passports, and Travel Advice
Traveling around the globe can be a wonderful opportunity for personal and professional enrichment. Depending on your destination, you may face risks and challenges that you would not typically face when traveling domestically. To ensure that you have the most positive experience possible, we have compiled a list of recommendations to assist with the planning and execution of your trip.
Global Administrative and Travel Support
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