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Per the Duke Global Travel Policy and COVID-19 Addendum, individuals traveling internationally with Duke Support, whether Faculty, Staff, Other (e.g., alumni, visiting scholars) or Student, are required to enter their personal, supporting unit(s), emergency contact and trip details into the Duke Travel Registry prior to departure.  Further, all international travel must adhere to both the policy and addendum.  If you have questions regarding the Global Travel Policy, please visit our answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
Note to Faculty, Staff, Others: per the August 9th revisions to the COVID-19 Addendum, if you are attaching a copy of your "Top-Level Manager" approval for travel to a "Suspended-COVID-19" location, please chose the Standard Registration option below and attach a PDF to your entry in the response field to question #10.
Existing travel registrations can be updated or deleted by e-mailing  with the traveler's name, destination, and dates of travel.
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