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The Role of Gender in Scholarly Authorship
West, Jevin D.; Jacquet, Jennifer; King, Molly M.; Correll, Shelley J.; Bergstrom, Carl T.
Gender disparities appear to be decreasing in academia according to a number of metrics, such as grant funding, hiring, acceptance at scholarly journals, and productivity, and it might be tempting to think that gender inequity will soon be a problem of the past. However, a large-scale analysis based on over eight million papers across the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities re- reveals a number of understated and persistent ways in which gender inequities remain. For instance, even where raw publication counts seem to be equal between genders, close inspection reveals that, in certain fields, men predominate in the prestigious first and last author positions. Moreover, women are significantly underrepresented as authors of single-authored papers. Academics should be aware of the subtle ways that gender disparities can appear in scholarly authorship.

PLoS ONE, Edited by Lilach Hadany, vol. 8, issue 7, p. e66212
Pub Date: July 2013DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0066212 arXiv: arXiv:1211.1759 Bibcode: 2013PLoSO...866212W Keywords:
Physics - Physics and Society;Computer Science - Digital Libraries
E-Print Comments: doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0066212

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