Curriculum Vitae
Arno Tausch
University of Innsbruck, Deparment of Political Science, Emeritus
(2015) ‘The fertile grounds for ISIL terrorism’
Telos. Critical Theory of the
 171, Summer 2015: 54

Estimates on the Global Threat of Islamic StateTerrorismintheFaceofthe
2015 Paris and Copenhagen Attacks.

 MiddleEastReview of Internat​ional
 Rubin Center, Research in International Affairs, IDC Herzliya, Israel,
available at
15) ‘Is globalization really good for public health?’
International Journal of
 HealthPlanningand Management 
 ,22September2015, DOI:
(2016)‘TheCivicCulture of the ArabWorld:AComp
arative Analysis Based on
World Values Surve
y Data’.
 MiddleEastReview of Internat​ional Affairs,
Rubin Center, Research in International Affairs, IDC Herzliya, Israel, (April
2016), available at
‘Islamism and Antisemitism. Preliminary EvidenceonTheirRelationshipfrom
l Opinion Data’.
Social Evolution & History,
 Vol. 15 No. 2,
September 2016: 50

99 (Uchitel Publishing House, Moscow), and
 Journal of
Globalization Studies,
 7, 2, November 2016: 137
 170 (Uchitel Publishing
House, Moscow).
‘Muslim Immigration Cont
inues to Divide Europe: A Quantitative Analysis of
European Social Survey Data.
 MiddleEastReview of Internat​ional Affairs,
Vol. 20, No. 2 (Summer 2016), 37-50. Rubin Center,ResearchinInternational
Affairs, IDC Herzliya, Israel, (April 2016), available at
‘The global publishing trajectory of
 a European political science community:
indices, trends, and implications’ (‘La tr​ayectoria global de publicaci
ones de
una Comunidad Europea de Ciencia Política:índices,tendenciase
Entelequia. Revista Interdisciplinar​,
 Publicado el 26
noviembre, 2016 in Epistemología, Número 19. Available at:
‘Towards new maps of global human values, based on World Values Survey
(6) data: A research note.’
 JournalofGlobalization Studies
 , Vol. 7, No. 1, Ma​y
2016: 56-65.
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