U-M Canvas
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) & Accessibility
Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
What is UDL?
Principles of UDL
Multiple Means of Student Engagement
Reflection: Promoting Engagement
Multiple Means of Action and Expression
Reflection: What is Critical?
Multiple Means of Representation
Universal Design for Learning Quiz
What is Accessibility?
Perspectives on Accessibility
Creating Universal and Accessible Content
Disabilities in the Classroom
Syllabus Statement
Accessibility Starts with the Syllabus: Applying Universal Design to Course Policies.pptx
Accessibility Quiz
Accessibility Practices
Formatting Best Practices
Provide Structure to your Documents
Alt Text
Color and Contrast
Accessible Lists
Descriptive Links
Creating or Fixing PDFs
Slide Creation and Presentations
Creating Accessible Slides
Accessible Presentations
Accessible Documents Quiz
Checking Accessibility in Canvas with UDOIT
What is UDOIT?
Why Use UDOIT?
Enabling & Accessing UDOIT in your Canvas Course
Running UDOIT Scan
Managing Results
UDOIT Deep Dive Course
Helpful Resources for Digital Accessibility
U-M Accessibility Website
LSA - Why Accessible Material Helps Everyone
Accessibility Syllabus - Resource List.docx
Canvas U-M Instructor Guide
U-M Instructor Guide
Canvas U-M Student Guides
U-M Student Guides
Lecture and Screen Recordings With Kaltura Capture
Kaltura Capture
Creating Lecture Recordings with Kaltura Capture
Using Kaltura in Canvas
Canvas U-M Guide for Unit Admins
U-M Unit Admin Guide