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Remote Teaching Resources
Remote Teaching Resources
Remote Office Hours Queue
 Video Conferencing Information
Zoom Access
Zoom application
for both national and international users
Zoom US and international numbers
(be sure you are logged into Zoom in the browser by navigating to
before navigating to the international numbers link so that you see the numbers available on the U-M plan; you know you are logged in if you see an avatar and "Schedule a Meeting," etc links instead of "Sign Up, It's Free!")
 Instructor Resources
Several resources are available at the university to support the continuation of teaching and learning:
Resources for Teaching Remotely
General Canvas Resources
Resources for Canvas Tools
Reference theOnline Discussion Tools Matrix
if you're looking to explore discussion tools for your course.
Use the Remote Office Hours Queue
to manage a group of students waiting to meet with you during your office hours.
Explore the Peer Review Assessment in Canvas document
if you're looking to utilize the peer review feature to your Canvas course.
Resources for International Access
International Access to U-M IT Resources:
The International Access to U-M IT Resources page summarizes the cloud-based U-M resources that may not be available from outside the U.S.
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