MiVideo in Canvas
MiVideo in Canvas
MiVideo in Canvas
MiVideo in Canvas aims to help faculty and students understand the video system that is integrated into Canvas. The buttons below will take you to modules that you need, or you can find pages through "Modules".
First time here? Click to go through the workflow of how to create, upload, and publish a recorded video lecture on Canvas.
Changing the title of your video? Click to navigate the media editor which helps you manage content information.
Collaborating with someone? Click to learn how to add collaborators in My Media.
Need to quickly fix something or add something to your video? Click to learn about Timeline and trimming.
Click to learn about how to use MiVideo features to add interactivity to your videos.
Using watch-time as participation? Click to see how to access and understand video analytics.
Make your video accessible by requesting captions
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