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Making interactive video quiz
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Making interactive video quiz
In-Video Quizzes add interactivity to asynchronous video instruction, allowing you to present quiz questions to students at scheduled intervals during video playback.  Keep viewers engaged, aid retention, and perform low-stakes knowledge checks within the Kaltura media player.  The following video will give you an overview of the ways you can add interactivity to your media.
The next video will explain how to create and edit an IVQ, or add an IVQ to an existing video. Interactive video quizzes allow you to add four types of question to your video: multiple choice, true or false, reflection points, or short responses. Use the options on the left of the video player to add instructions, edit scoring options, and control the viewing experience for your quiz.
The embed process for in-video quizzes is different from the one we used early in the workshop. While a traditional, non-interactive video can be added to a variety of areas within a course, including announcements and discussion board posts, Kaltura video quizzes can only be embedded within a content area. The video below outlines how to view the results of your quiz. 
How to View IVQ Responses
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Resources: Understanding IVQ in MiVideo and MediaSpace