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Creating and Publishing Your First Lecture Recording with Kaltura Capture
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Creating and Publishing Your First Lecture Recording with Kaltura Capture
In this module, we will walk you through creating a lecture recording with Kaltura Capture,  ordering and editing closed captions and publishing the video in your Canvas course. Please feel free to refer to the step that you feel stuck on directly.
Step 1: Installing Kaltura Capture (the software)
Kaltura Capture is a software application for Windows and Mac. If you are recording with your iPad or another device, please see the Recording Options page.
Document: Installing Kaltura Capture: Screen & Camera & Audio Recording
(Using an iPad? Please see these videos
Step 2: Making A Screen Recording
Once you have the software installed, you can navigate the software to create a new Kaltura Capture media item, in which you will be able to record your screen and voice for you video lectures. 
Document: Using Kaltura Capture: Screen & Camera & Audio Recording, Using Kaltura Capture: Webcam & Camera Recording 
Step 3: Uploading Your Video To Canvas My Media
After making your video, you have the option to either save the file on your computer only, or save simultaneously onto My Media in Canvas. The latter would be easier for sharing your content later.
My Media is your personal media hub accessible through clicking on Account > My Media. (This is comparable to your own YouTube Channel.) Here, we will show what the Save & Upload option in Kaltura Capture means. 
If you would like to know how to upload directly from your computer, please see this video (click to access).
Document: Uploading to My Media
Step 4: Adding The Video To Canvas Course
Now that you have the video lecture uploaded, it's time to share it with the students! 
Document: Publishing or embedding a video in Canvas through MiVideo, Managing Media in Media Gallery
Step 5: Order & Edit Captions
Captions as a learning aid:
The majority of caption users, including those without hearing impairments, report that captions help them focus and retain information. Searchable transcripts are an option, allowing students to "skim" videos for keywords to review complex concepts.
A little understanding: 
Document: Ordering Captions, Editing Captions, Deleting Captions
Please see video playlist here
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