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We take a collaborative, holistic approach to great UX design. We look at what should be done and why, how we can do it best, and most importantly, who it’s for.
IU designers, developers, and leaders form the UX of university software. The UX Office works with teams at all stages in a project—to simplify processes, address accessibility needs, and develop adaptable products.
UX starts with understanding
Making better UX decisions starts with a better understanding. But, what, exactly, do we need to understand in order to make better UX decisions?
The building blocks of UX
Great UX isn’t an accident. It’s a seamless blend of research, development, and service that never stops asking how we can do better.
What will we build, and what will it be like?
Why are we doing this, and why is it the right approach?
What’s our strategy, and how can we integrate existing IU systems?
Can everyone access and use it, or do barriers exist?
UXO Staff
See who’s doing what at the User Experience Office.
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UX Community
We built Rivet for IU developers. Now we’re creating resources to support adoption and migration.
Discover UX staff across IU
Research Participation
Your feedback can shape the future of UX at IU.
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