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What volcanoes are the most noteworthy?
This is a list of 187 noteworthy volcanoes that meet at least one of the following the criteria identified below, in volcano-number order. Similar criteria were used to highlight volcanoes in the listing of Holocene eruptions that appeared as Appendix 2 in the Encyclopedia of Volcanoes (2nd ed).

- Major Eruption: A Holocene eruption with a VEI > 5
- Multiple Large Eruptions: More than one Holocene eruption with VEI >= 5
- High Fatality Eruption: A single eruption that caused >= 100 fatalities
- Frequently Active: Confirmed to have erupted at some point during at least 25 of the past 100 years (since 1920)
- Significant Lava Effusion: Produced a documented total lava volume > 1 km3 in the past 2,000 years
VolcanoPrimary TypeSignificance
VesuviusStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active | Multiple Large Eruptions
StromboliStratovolcanoFrequently Active
EtnaStratovolcano(es)Frequently Active | Multiple Large Eruptions | Significant Lava Effusion
SantoriniShield(s)High Fatality Eruption | Major Eruption
AraratStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
Erta AleShieldFrequently Active
DubbiStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Significant Lava Effusion
MenengaiShieldMajor Eruption
Ol Doinyo LengaiStratovolcanoFrequently Active
NyamulagiraShieldFrequently Active
NyiragongoStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active
Piton de la FournaiseShieldFrequently Active | Significant Lava Effusion
HeardStratovolcanoFrequently Active
Auckland Volcanic FieldVolcanic fieldSignificant Lava Effusion
Whakaari/White IslandStratovolcano(es)Frequently Active
OkatainaLava dome(s)High Fatality Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions | Significant Lava Effusion
TaupoCalderaMajor Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions
TongariroStratovolcano(es)Frequently Active | Multiple Large Eruptions
RuapehuStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active
MacauleyCalderaMajor Eruption
Raoul IslandStratovolcanoMajor Eruption
Savai'iShieldSignificant Lava Effusion
ManamStratovolcanoFrequently Active
Long IslandComplexHigh Fatality Eruption | Major Eruption
Ritter IslandStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
LangilaComplexFrequently Active
DakatauaCalderaMajor Eruption
WitoriCalderaMajor Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions
UlawunStratovolcanoFrequently Active
RabaulPyroclastic shieldHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active | Major Eruption
LamingtonStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Significant Lava Effusion
Billy MitchellPyroclastic shieldMajor Eruption
BaganaLava coneFrequently Active
KavachiSubmarineFrequently Active
SavoStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
AmbaeShieldHigh Fatality Eruption
AmbrymPyroclastic shieldFrequently Active | Major Eruption
LopeviStratovolcanoFrequently Active
YasurStratovolcanoFrequently Active
SorikmarapiStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
MarapiComplexFrequently Active
KerinciStratovolcanoFrequently Active
KabaStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
KrakatauCalderaHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active | Major Eruption
PapandayanStratovolcano(es)High Fatality Eruption
GalunggungStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions
SlametStratovolcanoFrequently Active
Dieng Volcanic ComplexComplexHigh Fatality Eruption
MerapiStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active
KelutStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
SemeruStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active
Tengger CalderaStratovolcano(es)Frequently Active
RaungStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active
AgungStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions | Significant Lava Effusion
RinjaniStratovolcanoMajor Eruption
TamboraStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Major Eruption
PaluwehStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
IliwerungComplexHigh Fatality Eruption
SoputanStratovolcanoFrequently Active
Lokon-EmpungStratovolcano(es)Frequently Active
RuangStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
KarangetangStratovolcanoFrequently Active
AwuStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
DukonoComplexFrequently Active
GamalamaStratovolcano(es)High Fatality Eruption
MakianStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
ParkerStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
CamiguinStratovolcano(es)High Fatality Eruption
MayonStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active
TaalCalderaHigh Fatality Eruption | Major Eruption
PinatuboStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Major Eruption
SuwanosejimaStratovolcano(es)Frequently Active
KikaiCalderaMajor Eruption
AiraCalderaHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active | Major Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions | Significant Lava Effusion
UnzendakeComplexHigh Fatality Eruption
AsosanCalderaFrequently Active
KujusanStratovolcano(es)Significant Lava Effusion
FujisanStratovolcanoMultiple Large Eruptions | Significant Lava Effusion
AsamayamaComplexHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active
NasudakeStratovolcano(es)High Fatality Eruption
BandaisanStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
TowadaCalderaMultiple Large Eruptions
Izu-OshimaStratovolcanoFrequently Active
HachijojimaStratovolcano(es)Multiple Large Eruptions
AogashimaStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
Izu-TorishimaStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
Oshima-OshimaStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
Hokkaido-KomagatakeStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions
ShikotsuCalderaMultiple Large Eruptions
TokachidakeStratovolcano(es)High Fatality Eruption
MashuCalderaMajor Eruption
Moekeshiwan [Lvinaya Past]StratovolcanoMajor Eruption
Tao-Rusyr CalderaStratovolcanoMajor Eruption
Diky GrebenLava dome(s)Significant Lava Effusion
Kurile LakeCalderaMajor Eruption
ZheltovskyStratovolcanoMultiple Large Eruptions
KsudachStratovolcanoMajor Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions
AvachinskyStratovolcanoMultiple Large Eruptions
KarymskyStratovolcanoFrequently Active | Major Eruption
KizimenStratovolcanoMultiple Large Eruptions
TolbachikShieldFrequently Active | Significant Lava Effusion
BezymiannyStratovolcanoFrequently Active
KlyuchevskoyStratovolcanoFrequently Active
SheveluchStratovolcanoFrequently Active | Multiple Large Eruptions
KhangarStratovolcanoMajor Eruption
WudalianchiVolcanic fieldSignificant Lava Effusion
ChangbaishanStratovolcanoMajor Eruption
UlreungStratovolcanoMajor Eruption
ClevelandStratovolcanoFrequently Active
OkmokShieldMajor Eruption
AkutanStratovolcanoFrequently Active
FisherStratovolcanoMajor Eruption
ShishaldinStratovolcanoFrequently Active
PavlofStratovolcanoFrequently Active
VeniaminofStratovolcanoMajor Eruption
Black PeakStratovolcanoMajor Eruption
AniakchakCalderaMajor Eruption
NovaruptaCalderaMajor Eruption
ChurchillStratovolcanoMajor Eruption
St. HelensStratovolcanoMajor Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions
Crater LakeCalderaMajor Eruption
Medicine LakeShieldSignificant Lava Effusion
KilaueaShieldHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active | Significant Lava Effusion
Mauna LoaShieldSignificant Lava Effusion
Southern EPR at 8°SSubmarineSignificant Lava Effusion
CeborucoStratovolcanoMajor Eruption | Significant Lava Effusion
ColimaStratovolcano(es)Frequently Active
Michoacan-GuanajuatoPyroclastic cone(s)High Fatality Eruption
ChichinautzinVolcanic fieldSignificant Lava Effusion
PopocatepetlStratovolcano(es)Frequently Active
Cofre de PeroteShield(s)Significant Lava Effusion
El ChichonLava dome(s)High Fatality Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions
Santa MariaStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active | Major Eruption | Significant Lava Effusion
FuegoStratovolcano(es)Frequently Active
PacayaComplexFrequently Active
IzalcoStratovolcanoFrequently Active
San SalvadorStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
IlopangoCalderaHigh Fatality Eruption | Major Eruption
San MiguelStratovolcanoFrequently Active
San CristobalStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active
TelicaStratovolcano(es)Frequently Active
ApoyequePyroclastic shieldMajor Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions
MasayaCalderaFrequently Active | Major Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions
ConcepcionStratovolcanoFrequently Active
ArenalStratovolcanoFrequently Active
PoasStratovolcanoFrequently Active
Nevado del RuizStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
Nevado del HuilaStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
GalerasComplexFrequently Active
ReventadorStratovolcanoFrequently Active
AtacazoStratovolcanoMultiple Large Eruptions
ChacanaCalderaSignificant Lava Effusion
CotopaxiStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions
QuilotoaCalderaMajor Eruption
TungurahuaStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active
SangayStratovolcanoFrequently Active
HuaynaputinaStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Major Eruption
LascarStratovolcano(es)Frequently Active
Cerro BlancoCalderaMajor Eruption
Cerro AzulStratovolcanoSignificant Lava Effusion
Nevados de ChillanStratovolcanoFrequently Active
LlaimaStratovolcanoFrequently Active
VillarricaStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Frequently Active
Puyehue-Cordon CaulleStratovolcanoMultiple Large Eruptions | Significant Lava Effusion
Antillanca Volcanic ComplexStratovolcano(es)Multiple Large Eruptions
CalbucoStratovolcanoMultiple Large Eruptions
MichinmahuidaStratovolcanoMajor Eruption
ChaitenCalderaMultiple Large Eruptions
Cerro HudsonStratovolcanoMajor Eruption
Monte BurneyStratovolcanoMultiple Large Eruptions
PeleeStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
Soufriere St. VincentStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
Oddnyjarhnjukur-LangjokullSubglacialSignificant Lava Effusion
KatlaSubglacialMultiple Large Eruptions | Significant Lava Effusion
HeklaStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions | Significant Lava Effusion
GrimsvotnCalderaHigh Fatality Eruption | Major Eruption | Significant Lava Effusion
BardarbungaStratovolcanoMajor Eruption | Significant Lava Effusion
AskjaStratovolcanoMultiple Large Eruptions
KraflaCalderaSignificant Lava Effusion
OraefajokullStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption
Sao JorgeFissure ventHigh Fatality Eruption
Agua de PauStratovolcanoMultiple Large Eruptions
FurnasStratovolcanoHigh Fatality Eruption | Multiple Large Eruptions
TenerifeStratovolcanoSignificant Lava Effusion
LanzaroteFissure vent(s)Significant Lava Effusion
ErebusStratovolcanoFrequently Active
SaundersStratovolcanoFrequently Active

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Global Volcanism Program, 2013. Volcanoes of the World, v. 4.10.2 (24 Aug 2021). Venzke, E (ed.). Smithsonian Institution. Downloaded 18 Sep 2021.​.

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