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Recent comments
Publication: London Random House Business 2020 . xxii, 326 p. 29
Date: 2020
Must-read book for Instagram users :)
Publication: Noida HarperCollins Publishers 1988 . 161 p. 29
Date: 1988
The Alchemist is a fantastic book and the storytelling is beautiful.
Publication: London Arrow Books 2010 . 309 p. 29
Date: 2010
all time classic
Publication: New York William Morrow 2016 . 343 p. 29
Date: 2016
An astonishing accessible and well-written book on the science behind meditation and mindfulness.
Publication: London Atlantic Books 2013 . 315 p. 29
Date: 2013
The most beautiful book about self-discovery that I've ever read. Glad that this was the last book that I read before leaving IIMA. A story about exploring yourself and sorting your life by using a hiking trail and nature's beauty as a crutch.
Publication: New Delhi Rupa Publications India 2014 . xviii, 142 p. 29
Date: 2014
Wonderful book...
Publication: New York Simon & Brown 2010 . 99 p. 29
Date: 2010
This book is like a mirror. Whoever reads it will find themselves as Siddhartha. Given the way it encapsulates a lifetime experience with a simultaneous appeal to both logic and emotion, there are great lessons that we all can learn from this book.
Publication: New York Dey Street Books 2017 . xi, 338 p. 29
Date: 2017
An extraordinary book talks about how we can use big data to find out our everyday lies to others and ourselves. The book points out the wisdom that we have lost in the information era. The negative aspects of the era and positive aspects of data science to humanity also discussed.
Publication: Noida HarperCollins Publishers 1988 . 161 p. 29
Date: 1988
Feel like a travel...Excited to dive in...
Publication: Scholastic Children's Books 2009 . 192 p. 29
Date: 2009
very funny and terrible\horrible........ nice writer
Publication: United States of America Tribeca Books 2010 . 74 p. 29
Date: 2010
Felt like Gregor Samsa (The main character in the novel) is a shadow of the author(Franz Kafka). His identity crises turns to a world classic, that exist beyond time.....
Publication: London Sphere 1997 . 210 p. 29
Date: 1997
A perfect gift that one can give to his or her Teacher....Love Morrie and Mitch.....
Publication: New York Routledge 2018 . 129p. 29
Date: 2018
This book is a good handholding guide to explain the concept of TOC. It gave me a lot of clarity on my work as a LEAN Consultant. Must Read for all Operations Managers.
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