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14 Jun 1997 - 24 Oct 2002
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Women's Studies Program
The College of Arts and Sciences offers both a major and minor in Women's Studies. The Women's Studies major is an option within the Interdisciplinary Studies Program.
The Women's Studies Program strives for a broad and complex understanding of female experience in a global context. Using cross-cultural and multi-racial perspectives, it explores women's lives, labor and arts; examines the politics of sexuality; and studies the history of gender roles, as well as representations of those roles in different media. Focusing on the interaction of class, race, gender and sexuality, it analyzes power relations between men and women--as well as among women--in various cultures, and provides educational frameworks and strategies for social change.
The discipline of Women's Studies was founded upon the integration of intellectual inquiry and social practice. Students in the porgram are strongly encouraged to combine feminist theory with practical applications of their scholarship. As well as a three credit practicum (Seminar: Internship, Women and Politics), a fourth-credit option is available for most Women's Studies courses for volunteer work in varied community organizations.
The Women's Studies Program, now in its tenth year, is in a critical phase of development. The Program has expanded its contributions to the Georgetown community by creating a listserv, circulating a monthly newsletter and cosponsoring events with the Women's Center and other university offices and departments. The Program is also active in supporting campus groups such as the Women's Empowerment League. For more information on women's issues, see the Women's Issues page.
Structure of the Major and Minor: Interested students should contact the Director, Dr. Sue Thomas, as early as possible in their sophomore year to plan a program of studies. The Women's Studies curriculum consists of three kinds of courses:
Core courses: interdisciplinary courses taught directly under Women's Studies, and identified by the WSTP-department designation.
Cross-listed courses: courses focused on women and gender offered within other departments. For the Women's Studies minor and a double major, students will be encouraged to select cross-listed courses outside their major fields; customarily, corss-listed courses taken in a student's major may not fulfill both a major and the Women's Studies major or minor requirements.
Component courses: courses in other departments in which the study of women forms a substantial part of the syllabus. These will be approved by the Director of Women's Studies on a course-by-course basis.
The major in Women's Studies consists of six required courses and six electives (36 credits). Eligible courses for the six electives are WSTP courses, cross-listed courses, and up to two component courses which must be approved by the Director of Women's Studies.

Required Courses for the Major
Introduction to Women's Studies
Feminist Theory
Feminist Research Methods
Cultural Representations of Women
Senior Seminar

The minor in Women's Studies requires students to complete six courses (18 credits). In selecting three electives, minors must choose at least one (and as many as three) core courses, and no more than one component course.

Required Courses for the Minor
Introduction to Women's Studies
Feminist Research MethodsSpring semester only
Feminist Theory
Senior Seminar Spring semester only

Introduction to Women's Studies and either Feminist Theory or Feminist Research Methods are prerequisites for Senior Seminar.

Please see the Women's Studies courses offered in Fall 1997 or Spring 1998.

"Camille (Pascale Brussiers) in When Night Is Falling , directed by Patricia Rozema

Women's Studies Advisory Board
Dr. Sue Thomas, Women's Studies Director, Government

Rebecca Allahyari, WSTPValerie Babb, EnglishLaura Berger, WSTP
Lisa Bowleg, WSTPDorothy Brown, HistoryLeslie Byers, WSTP
Alisa Carse, PhilosophyAlwyn Cassil, PRAnne Cubilie, English
Jill Dahlmann, WSTPMarsha Darling, WSTP/HISTSharon Doetsch, CAS '97
Putnam Ebinger, SFSLeona Fisher, EnglishPam Fox, English
Lalitha Gopalan, SFS/EnglishDana Grasso, CAS '97Kim Hall, English
Ellen Henderson, BiologyC. Margaret Hall, SociologyAlison Hilton, Fine Arts
Mary Hunt, WSTPSusanne Kord, GermanJulia Lamm, Theology
Janet Mann, PsychologyPatrice McDermott, WSTPNaomi Moniz, Portuguese
Jo Ann Moran, MVSTBonnie Morris, WSTPBonnie Oh, SFS/Asian Studies
Kathy Olesko, HistoryRegan RalphAmy Robinson, English
Penny Rue, Student AffairsMargaret Stetz, English/WSTPAnne Sullivan, CAS Dean
Elizabeth Velez, CMSA/ENGLSuzanna Walters, SociologyNancy Yamaguchi, WSTP
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