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07 Jun 1997 - 09 Aug 2013
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Village C West, Lobby
Georgetown University
Washington, DC 20057

(202) 687-6359
Created in 1990, the Georgetown University Women's Center is a place where women can access information and services, support each other, share ideas, victories and challenges, and work together in a safe, inclusive environment. In an oppressive world, this space was intended to welcome and encourage women's perspectives and opinions, and to serve the needs of students, staff, and faculty at Georgetown.

Women's Center Staff
Dr. Margaret Stetz, Faculty AdvisorNancy Cantalupo, CoordinatorReema Sanghvi, Senior Work-Study
Kirsten Brinker, StafferMariko Cool, TrainerKelly Hoffman, Trainer
Adrienne Kalosieh, InternAnna Kovina, InternDaughn Simmons, Intern

Stop by the Women's Center for information about a range of gender-related issues, from the personal, academic, or professional to the political. You can check out books like
Browse through current and past issues of magazines like Ms. and off our backs, or pick up brochures about sexual assault, women's health issues, opportunities for activism and community service, and campus resources for women.

Women's Center staff can refer you to resources on- or off-campus for counseling, legal assistance, medical care, or crisis intervention, or drop in and look though our binders for information about a variety of women's concerns, including sexual assault and rape, sexual harassment, pregnancy​, eating disorders​, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases​, and cancer.

The Women's Center encourages and supports programming that is sensitive to women and women's concerns. Women's Center programs include:

The Women's Center depends upon volunteers to staff and publicize the Center and its services, reach out to other women in the community, and arrange programs. Students, faculty, and staff can choose from a variety of volunteer experiences, with different goals, time commitments and areas of concentration.
The Women's Center has Center staff, student intern, and advisor positions available for volunteers. Additionally, we appreciate any contributions that volunteers wish to make, from sitting at informational tables in Red Square or Leavey to organizing or facilitating group activities. Please contact us for more information or to submit proposals for projects not mentioned here.

The main purpose of the Women's Center is to fight sexual discrimination, to empower women, to include and provide services to women of all colors, positions, backgrounds, cultures and orientations, and to focus on women's health concerns. The Center works toward achieving this goal by advocating for social justice and change, the ending of oppression, and the support of women's individual growth and development.

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