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08 Nov 2003 - 18 Feb 2005
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OSI offices and individual initiatives regularly organize forums and other events, often in tandem with grantees or other organizations.
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Open Society Dialogue: Afghanistan
OSI-Washington, D.C.
November 13, 2003
Guest Speaker(s): Sarah Chayes

Sarah Chayes, a former National Public Radio correspondent now working in Afghanistan, will highlight a special session of the Open Society Dialogues at OSI-Washington, D.C.   more
OSI Forum: The Disproportionate Impact of School Discipline Policies on Race and Gender
November 18, 2003
Guest Speaker(s): Russell Skiba

The Criminal Justice and Education and Youth Development Programs present the first forum in the series on School Discipline Policies and their Criminal Justice Consequence. Russell Skiba will speak about the disproportionate impact of school discipline policies on minorities and boys.   more
OSI Forum: Buprenorphine in France
November 19, 2003
Guest Speaker(s): Dr. Mario Sanchez, Dr. William Lowenstein, Dr. Marc Auriacombe

Buprenorphine is a highly effective treatment for heroin addiction which was recently approved for use in the United States. Our speakers, three French physicians who conduct research and oversee clinical services, will report on their experiences with this treatment.   more
Open Society Dialogue: Losing America's Friends, Gaining Enemies?
Washington, DC
November 20, 2003

Clyde Prestowitz, the author of Rogue Nation and founder and President of the Economic Strategy Institute, will be the featured speaker at the next Open Society Dialogues.   more
1-4  of  4  listings
Lost Liberties: America in the Age of Ashcroft
Moving Walls 8: A Group Photography Exhibition
OSI Forum: Reconciliation and Responsibility in the Balkans
Student and Youth Summit on U.S. Global Engagement
Science and Technology in the New World of International Intellectual
More Past Events
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