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07 Nov 2003 - 31 Mar 2022
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Ideas for an Open Society: Murder by Public Policy
August 2003
OSI Fellow Eric Klinenberg discusses his book, Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago, and analyzes policy changes made in the aftermath of the July 1995 catastrophe that killed 700 people.  more
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Harm Reduction News: Substitution Therapy
Summer 2003: Volume 4, Issue 2
The essays in this issue of Harm Reduction News focus on the status and availability of methadone maintenance treatment in several of the countries with the world's fastest-growing HIV infection rates—most of which also have rising rates of injecting drug use. more
OSI Forum: Reconciliation and Responsibility in the Balkans
OSI-New York
Oct. 9, 2003
The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia and a prominent Serbian human rights activist discuss the court’s ongoing challenges.  more
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Iraq Revenue Watch Criticizes Lack of Transparency in Reconstruction Contracts and Budget
Two reports from OSI’s Iraq Revenue Watch criticize U.S. administrators for failing to prioritize transparency in the reconstruction of Iraq and the country’s public finances.  more
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