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25 Oct 2000 - 26 Jan 2021
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 The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia and a prominent Serbian human rights activist discuss the court’s ongoing challenges.
Keeping Secrets: America and Iraq’s Public Finances, a report from OSI’s Iraq Revenue Watch, concludes that Iraq’s public finances fall short of international standards of accountability.
Civil liberties experts David Cole, Aryeh Neier and Tanya Coke discussed and celebrated the publication of two new books that reveal how U.S. government actions in the wake of September 11, 2001 violate the civil liberties of both Americans and foreign nationals.

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 The most recent Building Open Societies, the network's annual report, is now available online.

 The Summer 2003 issue of Harm Reduction News, a newsletter of OSI's International Harm Reduction Development program, now available online.
 The August 2003 issue of Ideas For An Open Society, now available online.
 News and information about OSI's U.S. Programs, now available online.
 In OSI's seventh group showing, seven photographers document social struggles and themes that reflect OSI's commitment to human rights and justice around the world.

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