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07 Nov 2003 - 08 Jan 2009
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Past Events

Lost Liberties: America in the Age of Ashcroft
Location: New York, New York
Event Date(s): October 16, 2003
Guest Speaker(s): Floyd Abrams, Tanya E. Coke, David Cole, Aryeh Neier, Burt Neuborne
A panel of experts discussed and celebrated the publication of two new books that provide the first comprehensive overview of civil liberties in post-September 11, 2001 America. Lost Liberties: America in the Age of Ashcroft and Enemy Aliens: Double Standards and Constitutional Freedoms in the War on Terrorism reveal how government actions in the wake of 9/11 violate the civil liberties of both Americans and foreign nationals.
The forum, entitled "Lost Liberties: America in the Age of Ashcroft," featured David Cole, Aryeh Neier and Tanya Coke. It was moderated by Burt Neuborne with response by Floyd Abrams.
Lost Liberties features essays by Aryeh Neier, Nancy Chang, Michael Tomasky, Tanya Coke, Anthony Romero, David Cole, and others.
Enemy Aliens is written by David Cole.
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Lost Liberties: America in the Age of Ashcroft
Real Audio File
Listen to the entire forum.
(Duration: 1 hour, 41 minutes)
Sponsored by The New Press, the Open Society Institute, the Migration Policy Institute, and the Brennan Center. Open Society Institute and the Ford Foundation supported the writing of Enemy Aliens. Open Society Institute supported the writing of Lost Liberties.
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