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19 Nov 2003 - 15 Sep 2005
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Improving Palliative Care in Underserved Communities
Baltimore, Maryland
November 26, 2003
Guest Speaker(s): Dr. Richard Payne, John Giglio, Dr. Kathleen Foley, Dr. Nancy Hutton

Some of the nation’s most pre-eminent experts on end-of-life care discuss why dying patients from minority populations often experience inferior care.   more
OSI Forum: Buprenorphine in France
November 19, 2003
Guest Speaker(s): Dr. Mario Sanchez, Dr. William Lowenstein, Dr. Marc Auriacombe

Buprenorphine is a highly effective treatment for heroin addiction which was recently approved for use in the United States. Our speakers, three French physicians who conduct research and oversee clinical services, will report on their experiences with this treatment.   more
OSI Forum: The Disproportionate Impact of School Discipline Policies on Race and Gender
November 18, 2003
Guest Speaker(s): Russell Skiba

The Criminal Justice and Education and Youth Development Programs present the first forum in the series on School Discipline Policies and their Criminal Justice Consequence. Russell Skiba will speak about the disproportionate impact of school discipline policies on minorities and boys.   more
Enemy Aliens and American Freedoms
October 22, 2003
Guest Speaker(s): David Cole

Award-wining author David Cole, discusses and signs copies of his most recent book, Enemy Aliens: Double Standards and Constitutional Freedoms in the War on Terrorism (2003).   more
OSI Forum: After School Matters
June 25, 2003

On June 25, 2003, Baltimore non-profit and city officials attended an OSI-Baltimore forum about After School Matters, an innovative after-school program created in Chicago that gives thousands of youths apprentice opportunities in workforce, academics, arts, and technology.   more
OSI Forum: No Child Left Behind Act
June 17, 2003

Baltimore educators and others had the opportunity to learn more about the No Child Left Behind Act and how they could qualify for funding to provide additional academic support, called “Supplemental Services,” in so-called “failing schools” at a forum sponsored by the OSI-Baltimore on June 17, 2003.   more
OSI Forum: Lawyering for Social Change
June 3, 2003

Penda D. Hair, co-director of the D.C.-based Advancement Project, spoke at an OSI-Baltimore Lawyering for Social Change forum on June 3rd about her organization's efforts to develop and support lawyer-activist partnerships that advance racial and social justice.   more
OSI Forum: Job Opportunities Task Force
June 2, 2003

A panel of workforce development experts discussed strategies for partnering with employers to move Baltimore's low-skill workers up the career ladder at a forum sponsored by the Job Opportunities Task Force (JOTF) and OSI-Baltimore on June 12th.   more
OSI Forum: A Moving Walls Discussion
May 21, 2003

Alfonso Wyatt, the vice president of the Fund for the City of New York; Terry Hickey, the director of Community Law In Action; and Sheena Hamm, a graduate of Northwestern High School, spoke at an OSI-Baltimore forum, moderated by Marc Steiner.   more
OSI Forum: Three Federal Reauthorizations
University of Baltimore
April 23, 2003

The Workforce and Economic Development Program and Job Opportunities Task Force sponsored a forum titled "Three Federal Reauthorizations: Implications For Low-Skill Workers", on April 23rd at the University of Baltimore.   more
OSI Forum: Random Family
April 23, 2003

The Criminal Justice Program invited Adrian Nicole LeBlanc to talk about her new book Random Family: Love, Drugs, Trouble, and Coming of Age in the Bronx.   more
OSI Forum: Invisible Punishment
March 18, 2003

The Criminal Justice Program hosted a forum featuring Patricia Allard and Imani Walker on "Invisible Punishment: Collateral Consequences of Denying Welfare Benefits to Women Convicted of Drug Offenses".   more
OSI Forum: Cutting Correctly in Maryland
February 24, 2003

The Criminal Justice Program invited Judith Green, Senior Soros Justice Fellow from the Justice Policy Institute, to discuss a recently released report on safe and effective ways to reduce Maryland's prison population.   more
OSI Forum: Atlantic Monthly Discussion
January 21, 2003

Open Society Institute-Baltimore, ABAG and Annie E. Casey Foundation hosted a discussion on the double issue of the Atlantic Monthly magazine "The State of the Union" which examines the current state of affairs in important areas of social and economic life and provides with a range of policy options for moving forward.   more
OSI Forum: Lawyering for Social Change
January 16, 2003

The Open Society Institute-Baltimore and Maryland Legal Services Corporation cosponsored a Lawyering for Social Change forum featuring Steve Bachman, the General Counsel of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).   more
1-15  of  37  listings
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