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Soros Foundations Network 2002 Annual Report
Building Open Societies
A comprehensive survey of the activities and funding priorities during 2002 of all OSI initiatives as well as the Soros foundations network.
The entire Annual Report is available in one PDF document: the first document listed below. Also available in PDF format below are smaller documents containing one or more individual sections of the full report. Information on Soros foundations may be found in the "Regions" document.
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Soros Foundations Network 2002 Annual Report
PDF Document
Download the complete report.
(Size: 4.23 MB / Time: 9min 50sec @ 56kbps)
Introduction: Expanding the Open Society Network
PDF Document
(Size: 617 K / Time: 1min 20sec @ 56kbps)
President's Message
PDF Document
(Size: 482 K / Time: 1min 7sec @ 56kbps)
PDF Document
(Size: 2.19 MB / Time: 5min 5sec @ 56kbps)
PDF Document
(Size: 1.11 MB / Time: 2min 34sec @ 56kbps)
U.S. Programs
PDF Document
(Size: 525 K / Time: 1min 13sec @ 56kbps)
OSI Offices, Application Information, and Directory
PDF Document
(Size: 731 K / Time: 1min 41sec @ 56kbps)
Photo Essays: Serbia and Russia
PDF Document
(Size: 569K / Time: 1min, 19sec @ 56kbps)
Photo Essays: Burmese Refugees and Africa
PDF Document
(Size: 476K / Time: 1min, 6sec @ 56kbps)
Photo Essays: AIDS and Stigma and Drugs and Harm Reduction
PDF Document
(Size: 760K / Time: 1min, 46sec @ 56kpbs)
Photo Essays: Bosnia Campaign Posters and Day Labor
PDF Document
(Size: 997K / Time: 2min, 19 sec @ 56kpbs)
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