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U.S. Programs 2002 Annual Report
A comprehensive survey of the activities and funding priorities of OSI's U.S. Programs during 2002.
The entire Annual Report is available in one PDF document: the first document listed below. Also available in PDF format below are smaller documents containing one or more individual sections of the full report.
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U.S. Programs 2002 Annual Report
PDF Document
Download the complete report.
(Size: 3.8MB / Time: 8min, 50sec @56kbps)
U.S. Programs Mission Statement
PDF Document
(Size: 32K / Time: 4sec @56kbps)
Opening Essay: A Year of Change
PDF Document
(Size: 160K / Time: 22sec @56kbps)
U.S. Programs: History and Transition
PDF Document
(Size: 64K / Time: 8sec @56kbps)
Programs and Fellowships
PDF Document
(Size: 3.6MB / Time: 8min, 22sec @56kbps)
Expenditures, Board and Staff
PDF Document
(Size: 64K / Time: 8sec @56kbps)
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