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The Justice Fund's primary focus areas are listed below. Please select an individual focus area for additional information.
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Access to Justice
The Access to Justice Program is rooted in the belief that all people should have the ability to enforce their individual and civil rights, resolve disputes, and defend themselves against governmental abuses.
The After Prison Initiative
The After Prison Initiative focuses on supporting the successful reentry of prisoners to their communities.
Baltimore Justice Programs
OSI's Baltimore office supports a variety of justice-related projects in and around Baltimore, Maryland.
Community Advocacy Project
The Community Advocacy Project supports organizing and mobilizing efforts to redirect the United States' overreliance on punishment and incarceration toward strengthening communities by investing in long-term social and economic stability.
Drug Policy Reform
The Justice Fund focuses on U.S. drug policies from several perspectives.
Gideon Project
The Gideon Project funds initiatives that protect the rights of individuals at all levels of the criminal justice systems.
Judicial Independence Program
The Judicial Independence Program promotes fair and impartial courts through increased public support for an independent judiciary and through reform of judicial selection.
Soros Justice Fellows
The Justice Center supports individuals who will further its mission of reducing the nation's overreliance on policies of punishment and incarceration, and restoring discretion and fairness to the U.S. criminal justice system.
Juvenile Justice
The Justice Fund supports policy advocacy organizations working to reduce the criminalization of young people in the United States.
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