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Ideas for an Open Society: Justice Reinvestment
November 2003
Susan Tucker and Eric Cadora argue that the national dependence on mass incarceration in the United States reflects an approach to imprisonment that actually sacrifices public safety. more

Soros Foundations Network 2002 Annual Report
A comprehensive survey of the activities and funding priorities during 2002 of all OSI initiatives as well as the Soros foundations network.  more
U.S. Programs 2002 Annual Report
A comprehensive survey of the activities and funding priorities of OSI's U.S. Programs during 2002. more
To Look At Life Through Women's Eyes
Open Minds: Opportunities for Gender Equity in Education
Empowering Education Manual
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Suppose We Had a Real Democracy in the United States? A Time for Imagination
Films Depict Rising Sex Bias in Old Soviet States
Maryland Can't Afford to Keep Locking Up Addicts
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