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Justice Initiatives: Legal Aid Reform and Access to Justice
February 2004
The February 2004 issue of the Open Society Justice Initiative’s newsletter looks at legal aid reform from several different perspectives around the world. A major focus is state-provided legal representation for indigent persons charged with crimes. more
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Guidelines for Laws Affecting Civic Organizations
A revised and enlarged edition of a book that establishes standards for domestic laws around the world that permit, protect, and regulate civic organizations.  more
OSI Forum: A Hundred Little Hitlers
OSI-New York
Feb. 2, 2004
Elinor Langer, a former OSI Individual Project Fellow, discussed her recently published book about the murder of an Ethiopian immigrant by white skinheads in Portland, Oregon in 1988. Also on the panel were Todd Gitlin, a writer who focuses on culture and politics, and OSI President Aryeh Neier. more
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Suppose We Had a Real Democracy in the United States? A Time for Imagination
Gara LaMarche
Feb. 3, 2004
In a speech at the University of California at Irvine, OSI Vice President and Director of U.S. Programs Gara LaMarche discussed why he thinks the country's democratic system is severely flawed and offered suggestions to improve it. more
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