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Interest rates
Repo rate
Reference rate
Fixing rates
Exchange rates
Monthly average exchange rates
TCW index
Weights in TCW
Balance of payments
Balance of Payments
Portfolio Investment
Direct Investments
Methods/ Formes
Balance of payments and International Investment Position Sources and Methods, revised edition
Financial market
Money and FX market
Payment statistics
Money and Bond Markets
FX Market
Main refinancing repos
Press Releases
Economic activity and housing finance in Sweden
Heikensten: Assessment of economic activity and inflation prospects remains unchanged (press release)
Nyberg: The economic situation and the property market (press release)
Bergström: Monetary policy and economic stability
Rosenberg: The inflation target and the CPI
Bergström: Is a policy eage solidarity compatible with the Riksank's inflation target?
Bergström: What must we do to be the best again? (press release)
Persson: Regional balance and sustainable growth (press release)
Heikensten: The integration of European Banking: Some Regulatory Challenges
Heikensten: Some aspects on financial developments (press release)
Persson: Globalisation, structural changes and monetary policy
Heikensten: Introduction on monetary policy
Bergström: Is a policy of wage solidarity compatible with the Riksbank's inflation target? (press relase)
Rosenberg: Inflation lower than expected (press release)
Bergström: What must we do to be the best again? (press release)
Heikensten: Economic recovery with low inflationary pressure
Heikensten: Risk management and financial stability
Heikensten: Monetary policy - some current issues
Rosenberg: The current monetary policy situation
Nyberg: Developments in the Swedish economy (press release)
Heikensten: Monetary policy and the economic situation
Inflation Report
Financial Stability Report
Economic Review
Working Paper Series
The Swedish Financial Market
Annual Report
The Euro in the Swedish Financial Sector
Articles and boxes
Articles in the Economic Review
Articles in the Financial Stability Report
Boxes in the Inflation Report
Minutes of the Executive Board's monetary policy meetings
The Riksbank’s statute book
The Riksbank’s regulations and general guidelines (RBFS 2003:2) on the reporting by institutions of money and banking statistics
The Riksbank’s regulations on the obligation to report information to the Riksbank for its balance-of-payments and international-investment-position statistics (RBFS 2002:4)
The Riksbank's notification of the interest rate terms applied to lending and deposits
Notification of information regarding the Riksbank’s reference rate
Notification by the Riksbank regarding minimum reserve requirements for limited liability banks, savings banks, central cooperative banks, branches of foreign banks in Sweden
Notification by the Riksbank of the regulations applying to the redemption of damaged banknotes, etc
Regulations regarding a change in the Riksbank’s notification (RBFS 1987:3, A:17) of the issuing of one-hundred kronor banknotes
Notification by the Riksbank on issuing banknotes denominated in one-hundred kronor
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