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Muslims in the UK: Policies for Engaged Citizens
November 22, 2004
A report by OSI's EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program argues that greater government recognition of British Muslims' needs is required to tackle the disadvantage, deprivation, and discrimination that this community faces. more
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Ideas for an Open Society: From Abu Ghraib to America
October 2004
Soros Justice Fellow Judith Greene explores the similarites between abuses in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison and human rights violations in U.S. detention facilities. more
OSI Forum: Undivided Rights
OSI-New York
December 14, 2004
A forum celebrating the release of the book Undivided Rights: Women of Color Organize for Reproductive Justice, by OSI Independent Project Fellows Marlene Gerber Fried and Jael Silliman, with Elena R. Gutierrez and Loretta Ross. more
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Students from Inner Cities Find Power at the Podium
Stacy A. Teicher
October 19, 2004
In just seven years, 16 urban debate leagues have been established, bringing roughly 280 schools into a competitive realm long dominated by their better-funded suburban and private counterparts.  more
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