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08 Nov 2003 - 03 Dec 2008
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Past Events
OSI Forum: The Disproportionate Impact of School Discipline Policies on Race and Gender
Location: OSI-Baltimore
Event Date(s): November 18, 2003
Event Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Guest Speaker(s): Russell Skiba
OSI-Baltimore's Criminal Justice and Education and Youth Development Programs present the first forum in a series on school discipline policies and their criminal justice consequences.
In the inaugural forum, Russell Skiba spoke about the disproportionate impact of school discipline policies on minorities and boys. In his talk, Skiba focused on issues such as how suspension and expulsion are used in schools, the consistency and fairness of discipline, the racial fairness in school punishments, the role of socioeconomic status, the effectiveness of these strategies, and their unintended consequences. Skiba also discussed his work with the Safe and Responsive Schools Project, and his efforts to help schools make positive changes in school discipline policies.
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Children Left Behind:The Disproportionate Impact of School Discipline on Students of Color
PDF Document - 410K
Presentation by Russ Skiba.
(Size: 410K / Time: 57sec @ 56kbps)
This event is part of Forging Open Society: Generating Ideas, Partnerships and Solutions, forums convened by OSI−Baltimore to encourage community leaders with diverse perspectives to craft solutions to challenges facing the Baltimore region.
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