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18 Feb 2005 - 01 Jul 2007
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Justice Initiatives: Human Rights and Justice Sector Reform in Africa
Contemporary Issues and Responses
February 2005
This issue of Justice Initiatives, a publication of the Open Society Justice Initiative, documents some of the principal challenges to justice sector reform in Africa today, and the varied responses that interested actors are pursuing.
Whether addressing media repression in Gambia or citizenship challenges across the continent, police reform in Nigeria or police accountability in South Africa, this collection of articles demonstrates a holistic view of justice, one that guides the work of the Open Society Justice Initiative. Contents include the following:
National Criminal Justice Reform
Equality and Citizenship
International Justice and Transnational Remedies
Freedom of Expression and Information
The complete publication is available to download below and can also be found on the Open Society Justice Initiative website: http://www.justiceinitiative.org/publications/jinitiatives​.
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