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4/7/2005Comment with regard to the Riksdag Committee on Finance’s planned evaluation of monetary policy
4/5/2005Bergström: The Riksbank influences future inflation, not current inflation
4/4/2005Heikensten: Economic outlook broadly unchanged
4/1/2005Executive Board to visit Jämtland
3/16/2005Srejber: The role of asset prices and credit in an inflation targeting policy
3/15/2005Repo rate held unchanged at 2 per cent
3/8/2005Persson: Globalisation contributing to low
2/24/2005Rosenberg: Continuing robust economic activity and low inflation
2/21/2005Professor Axel A Weber President of the Deutsche Bundesbank to visit Riksbank
2/18/2005Moderate increase in direct investment assets
2/14/2005General Council’s decision on allocation of net income
2/14/2005Riksbank's Annual Report 2004
2/11/2005Nyberg: Households' growing debt burden no problem for the banks
2/4/2005Royal couple to visit the Riksbank
2/3/2005Economic Review no. 4, 2004
1/28/2005Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
1/21/2005Heikensten: Low inflation, but outlook remains largely the same
1/18/2005Bergström: Investment in Sweden instead of capital export
1/18/2005The Riksbank reallocates its gold and foreign currency reserves
1/17/2005Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa from the ECB to visit Stockholm
1/3/2005Exchange of EU payment

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