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09 Feb 2001 - 22 Dec 2007
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Britannicaindia.com is the Indian edition of Britannica.com Inc., the world's most trusted and authoritative knowledge bank. Britannicaindia.com is among the first Indian websites to be launched by an international company; it also marks the first time that Britannica.com has customized its Internet service to any one country. A knowledge centre for those seeking thought-provoking and insightful information, Britannicaindia.com provides the finest Indian content and a guide to the best sites on the Web.
The strength of Britannicaindia lies in its vast and authoritative content on India. A dedicated team of Britannica editors meticulously documents trends of, and views on, popular events to bring you the finest content on a wide range of subjects. The best of cinema, literature, dance, music, art, architecture, business, economy, environment, fitness and health, sports, food, travel, and wildlife, all find a place here.
Along with providing news on India from The Hindu, the site also offers a well-researched perspective on contemporary happenings through News in Context. Featuring a timeline that details the evolutionary pattern and the turning points in the events that make headlines, News in Context uses Encyclopædia Britannica's 232-year-rich database to give additional information on the subject. One can also satisfy one's quest for knowledge through Britannica Bytes -- 32 volumes of Encyclopædia Britannica encapsulated as fun-sized factoids to inform and entertain.
The latest offering from Britannicaindia.com is the Encyclopædia Britannica Knowledge Store -- a one-stop shop for award-winning learning products including software, educational games, science kits, and more. Attractive discounts and freebies are offered on the purchase of popular Britannica products. The Encyclopædia Britannica Knowledge Store provides the ultimate knowledge experience and is the most reliable source for quality educational products.
Encyclopaedia Britannica was conceived and founded in 1768 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Today it is a leading publisher of high-quality information and reference products in electronic and print form. It publishes the most comprehensive encyclopaedic reference works in the English language: Britannica CD, on CD-ROM; Encyclopaedia Britannica Online, on the Internet; and the famous 32-volume Encyclopaedia Britannica and the 12-volume Britannica Ready Reference. In September 1998, Encyclopaedia Britannica Incorporated (EB Inc.) set-up a 100 per cent subsidiary office in New Delhi with a focus on developing region-specific encyclopaedic content and marketing Britannica's existing repertoire of products in the South Asian market through regular channels as well as the Internet. For Britannica.com Inc., India's effort with Britannicaindia.com has been an integral part of the worldwide editorial effort. This is spearheaded by the entire web-review operation for the worldwide site, an effort executed in India by a dedicated team of editors. This effort has led to the setting up of Britannica.com India Pvt. Ltd., a 100 per cent subsidiary of Britannica.com Inc. to develop region specific Internet properties in India. The office comprises a wired team of editors, copy editors, and indexers who identify, review, and present the most useful sources of information on the Internet. The editors are backed up by an extensive staff of several hundred expert contributors.
Upcoming releases of Britannicaindia.com will feature a powerful search tool to access Indian content on varied subjects presenting one with customized search results.

You may contact us at:

Encyclopaedia Britannica (India) P. Ltd.,
13/14, Sarvapriya Vihar
New Delhi - 110016, India
Tel: +91 - 11 - 51828194-97
E-mail: bcd@ebindia.com

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