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Britannica Classroom
Student-friendly collection of mathematics and science lessons and worksheets for middle and high school. Ideal resource for Indian students!
Britannica Career Centre
More than 70 important career opportunities categorized according to various subject areas, the expertise they require, and the government-recognized institutions offering related coursework.
Britannica Children's Club
A new world of imagination and creativity for the preschooler. Reading, numbers, puzzles, and games were never so much fun before!
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 The bee hummingbird is the smallest living warm-blooded vertebrate.
Today in History
Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated
4Born on this Day
Anthony Perkins
April 4, 1932
Mathematics Foundation Series
Mathematics Foundation Series is a comprehensive mathematics study tool for middle-school students. Available for sale in India only
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Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite 2005 DVD/CD
With more than 100,000 articles, including all the articles in the Encyclopædia Britannica Print Set, the Ultimate Reference Suite 2005 has more content than any other reference software!
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