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29 Apr 2005 - 13 May 2006
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Social Studies
Arts & Humanities
Social Studies
From life in Ancient Rome to the life of a snowboarder, you won't find a broader range of Social Studies information. These 24,000 articles cover history, sociology, religion, World Heritage Sites, flags and flag histories, and more.
  • History: Ancient Greece and Rome, The Middle East, Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania, Historiography
  • Society: Peoples and Cultures, Social Structure and Change, Language and Communication, Economy, Government and Politics, International Relations, Law, Education, Sports and Recreation, Social Sciences
New and revised titles: September 11 attacks, Ecoterrorism, Globalization, Ethnic cleansing, International Criminal Court, al-Jazeera, al-Qaeda, Snowboarding, Afrocentrism, First lady Cancer, Genocide, Terrorism, Korean War, Environmentalism, United Nations, Holocaust, Money, Great Depression, The Crusades, Anthropology, Race, Olympic
Arts & Humanities
Whether it's art appreciation or African American literature, turn to Britannica for broad and global coverage. Over 24,000 articles include painting, film, theatre, dance, philosophy, religion, and much more.
  • Art: Visual Arts and Architecture, Literature, Music, Dance, Theater, Film, Aesthetics
  • Religion: World Religions, Indigenous Religions, Religions of Ancient Peoples, Religious Institutions and Practices, Religious Experience, Study of Religion, Classification of Religions
  • Philosophy: Branches of Philosophy, Schools and Doctrines, History of Philosophy
New and revised titles: Science fiction, Animal rights, African American literature, New Religious Movements, Film Noir, Falun Gong, Slave narrative, Hip-hop, Latin American literature, German literature, Buddhism, Western architecture
Over 15,000 articles take you across the world and also cover the latest technology developments that impact the study of Geography.
  • Geography: The Middle East, Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania; Geography (the field of study)
  • 196 Countries: Size, Terrain, Waterways, Settlement Patterns, People, Languages, Ethnic Composition, Economy, Major Business Sectors, Government, Judicial System, Social Conditions, Cultural Life, History
  • Physical Geography: Mountains, rivers, plains, ecosystem
New titles: Silicon Valley, GPS (Global Positioning Systems), GIS (Geographic Information Systems).
Newly revised articles: United Kingdom, Iraq, Iran, Cambodia, New York City, San Francisco, World Heritage Sites
With articles written by Nobel Prize winners, world-renowned researchers, and other experts, these 15,000 articles cover the latest scientific developments, delve into most complex issues, and provide accurate information on important topics such as AIDS, Anthrax, and Nanotechnology.
  • Science: Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Biological Sciences, Medicine, Earth Sciences, Social Sciences, History of Science, Philosophy of Science
  • Technology: Agriculture, Computers, Construction, Electronics, Energy, Industrial and Manufacturing Technology, Military Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, History of Technology
New titles and revised articles include: Nanotechnology, Computer crime, Electronic games, Designer drug, Ritalin, West Nile Virus, Monkey Pox, Doctors Without Borders, Gulf War Syndrome, Artificial Intelligence, Anthrax, Electronics, Mammals, Internet, AIDS, Influenza, Planets
With updated articles on Game Theory, Statistics, and much more, Britannica's math content is second to none. Leading contributors from across the world provide the most recent ideas and information in over 3,000 Encyclopędia Britannica articles.
Mathematics: Foundations of Mathematics, Set Theory, Algebra, Analysis, Calculus, Combinatorics, Game Theory, Geometry, Numerical Analysis, Number Theory, Topology, Trigonometry, History of Mathematics, Information Theory, Philosophy of Mathematics
New titles and revised titles: Number Symbolism, Indian mathematics, Information theory, Game theory, Geometry, Algebra, Statistics, Probability, Calculus, Cryptology, Trigonometry
From Hollywood heroes and sports superstars to world leaders and historical figures, over 24,000 articles contain biographies that are compelling and complete.
  • American Presidents
  • World Leaders
  • Art & Artist
  • Civil Rights Leaders
  • Scientists
  • Discovers
  • Famous and Infamous
  • Athletes
  • Nobel Prize Recipients
New titles and revised articles include: Wen Jiabao, J.K. Rowling, Sir Sean Connery, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Barbie, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Osama bin Laden, Thomas Jefferson, John Paul II, Jackson Pollock, Ansel Adams, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Adolf Hitler
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