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12 Jan 2005 - 25 Jan 2021
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Advertising rate for the English website

Aljazeera.net, the premiere International news website in the Middle East, is the ideal online medium for organizations looking to directly and effectively target specific audiences in the Middle East and worldwide.
Aljazeera.net’s wide variety of content and services draws millions of frequent visitors from all over the world.  Aljazeera.net visitors represent a wide array of countries, backgrounds, ages, and occupations.
Aljazeera.net offers advertisers different options designed to accommodate their needs and targets.  Advertisers are able to monitor the performance of their campaigns directly online and on a real-time basis. 

1- Sponsorship Banner
LocationPositionDimensionsSizeFormatSold PerBasic Price
Internal PageRight160 x 140 Pixels15 KBGIF/JPG/FlashMonth$12,000
HomepageRight160 x 140 Pixels15 KBGIF/JPG/FlashMonth$20,000
2- Main Banner
LocationPositionDimensionsSizeFormatSold PerBasic Price
All site pagesTop468 x 60 Pixels15 KBGIF/JPG/Flash1000 Impressions$20*
Internal PageTop468 x 60 Pixels15 KBGIF/JPG/Flash1000 Impressions$25*
HomepageTop468 x 60 Pixels15 KBGIF/JPG/Flash1000 Impressions$30*
*  $5 will be added to banner's basic price for regions targeting
3- Vertical Banner
LocationPositionDimensionsSizeFormatSold PerBasic Price
All site pagesLeft120 x 600 Pixels15 KBGIF/JPG/Flash1000 Impressions$12*
Internal PageLeft120 x 600 Pixels15 KBGIF/JPG/Flash1000 Impressions$18*
HomepageLeft120 x 600 Pixels15 KBGIF/JPG/Flash1000 Impressions$20*
*  $5 will be added to banner's basic price for regions targeting

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