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16 Jun 2004 - 26 Aug 2021
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Mountains of banknotes
If you stacked all of the banknotes in circulation on top of one another the pile would be 30 kilometres high, or 3 1/2 times as tall as Mount Everest.

Counterfeit banknotes
In the year 2004 there were 2,051 cases of counterfeit banknotes detected and reported to the police, which amounted to a total monetary value of SEK 886,500.

Coins in the home
55 per cent of Swedish households have coins lying around the house to a value of 756 kronor.

Invalid banknotes and coins from 1 January 2006
The purpose of the change in the Swedish note and coin series is to reduce the number of versions of the same denomination. That will make it easier to be sure about the correct appearance and security features of Swedish notes and coins.
If you still have banknotes and coins that became invalid as of 1 January 2006, you can go to your bank or to Svensk Kassaservice and deposit the money in your account. This service will be available until 28 April 2006 and the respective banks/Svensk Kassaservice will decide whether to make a charge for this service.

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From 1 April 2005 it is prohibited to circulate banknotes and coins that have been tampered with or changed. The background to the new prohibition is the occurrence of 'advertisement coins', i.e. coins issued by the Riksbank, onto which another party has applied an adhesive label with a marketing message. The Swedish Parliament has judged that the circulation of such coins should be prohibited for several reasons. As a result of the new prohibition the Riksbank is entitled to impose a financial penalty on all parties that have essentially contributed to the circulation of such banknotes and coins.
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