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08 May 2006 - 17 Jan 2010
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Auditing and Bank Capital Regulation
Edward S. Prescott, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond,
6 december

Do Directors Perform for Pay?
Renée Adams, Stockholm School of Economics (joint with Daniel Ferreira, SITE)
23 November

Credit Market Development, Economic Performance and the Business Cycle
Caterina Mendicino, Stockholm School of Economics,
16 November

Measuring Systematic Risk in Recoveries on Defaulted Debt
Mark Carey, Board of Governors (joint with Michael Gordy),
2 November

Real Exchange Rate and Consumption Fluctuations following Trade Liberalization
Kristian Jönsson, Sveriges Riksbank,
19 October
State dependent pricing and exchange rate pass-through
Fredrik Wilander, Stockholm School of Economics (joint with Martin Flodén),
12 October
Advertising, intangible assets, and unpriced entertainment
Leonard Nakamura, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia,
5 October
Testing for the constancy of the cointegration space with Nyblom tests
Anders Warne, ECB,
21 September

Do Prices Reflect Costs? A study of the price - and cost structure of retail payment services in the Swedish banking sector 2002
Gabriela Guibourg and Björn Segendorf, Sveriges Riksbank,
9 September 

Forecast combination and model averaging using predictive measures
Jana Eklund, Stockholm School of Economics,
2 September

Along the New Keynesian Phillips Curve with Nominal and Real Rigidities
Jim Nason, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
22 June

Modelling breaks and outliers in economic time series using dynamic mixture models
Paolo Giordani, University of New South Wales, School of Economics,
21 June

Nominal wage rigidity and real implications for the Swedish labor market
John Ekberg, Stockholm University, 
10 June
Bank Mergers, Competition and Liquidity
Giancarlo Spagnolo, University of Mannheim and Sveriges Riksbank, (co-authors: Elena Carletti and Philipp Hartmann), 
15 June
Inflation targeting and nominal-income-growth targeting: when and why are they suboptimal?
Dale Henderson, Federal Reserve Board (joint with Jinill Kim), 
1 June 

"Too Big to Fail” and Market Discipline of Banks: A Cross-Sector Study of Investor Perceptions"
Don Morgan, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 
25 May
Magnus Jonsson, Sveriges Riksbank, 
11 May 

Banks as collusive devices
Giancarlo Spagnolo, University of Mannheim and Sveriges Riksbank,
4 May
Allocating Bank Regulatory Powers: Lender of Last Resort, Deposit Insurance and Supervision
Joao Santos, Federal Reserve Bank of New York (joint with Charles Kahn, University of Illinois),
26 April

The Distribution of Income and Wealth and the Aggregate Consumption Function: An Application using Swedish Data
Mårten Bjellerup, Växjö University, 
20 April 

Optimal rebalancing of portfolio weights under time-varying return volatility
Bo Larsson, Stockholm University
6 April
An analysis of portfolio credit risk when counterparties are interdependent within industries
Kenneth Carling, IFAU and Dalarna University College, Lars Rönnegård, Dalarna University College, and Kasper Roszbach, Sveriges Riksbank, 
23 March 

An Empirical Analysis of the Currency Denomination in International Trade
Fredrik Wilander, Stockholm School of Economics,
16 March

Exploring relationships between Swedish Firms’ Balance Sheets and the Macroeconomy
Jesper Lindé, Sveriges Riksbank (joint work with Kenneth Carling, Tor Jacobson and Kasper Roszbach), 
9 March
New Perspectives on Capital and Sticky Prices
Tommy Sveen, Norges Bank,
2 March
Inflation Targeting and Nonlinear Policy Rules: the Case of Asymmetric Preferences
Paolo Surico, Università Bocconi,
11 February
Trade deficits in the Baltic states: how long will the party last?
Kristian Jönsson, Stockholm School of Economics (joint work with Rudolf Bems)
13 February

Law, Finance and Economic Growth in China
Franklin Allen, University of Pennsylvania
17 february
Non-Walrasian Labor Markets, Business Cycles and Monetary Policy
Francesco Zanetti, Boston College,
9 february 

Demand Shocks and Equilibrium Relative Prices in the Euro Area
Pietro Cova, Georgetown University,
4 february

The value of structural information in the VAR-model
Rodney Strachan, Liverpool University (joint with Herman van Dijk, Erasmus University)
28 January

Imperfect knowledge, monetary policy and the yield curve
Meredith Beechey, UC Berkeley, Reserve Bank of Australia and IIES,
22 January

Multiple-bank lending: diversification and free riding in monitoring
Sonja Daltung, Sveriges Riksbank, Elena Carletti, University of Mannheim, and Vittoria Cerasi, Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca,
20 January

Testing near-rationality using detailed survey data
Stefan Palmqvist, Sveriges Riksbank, and Mike Bryan, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, 
13 January 

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