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08 May 2006 - 17 Jan 2010
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"The effects of monetary policy shocks in a Bayesian co-integrated VAR: Is there a price puzzle in Sweden?"
Anders Warne (ECB) and Mattias Villani (Stockholms University)
17 December
Monetary Policy and the Yield Curve
Sven Skallsjö, Stockholm School of Economics,
10 December

Implications of Capital Income Taxation for Monetary Policy
Øistein Røisland, Norges Bank,
3 December
Inflation, Markups and Monetary Policy
Magnus Jonsson and Stefan Palmqvist, Sveriges Riksbank,
26 November

An Analysis of the Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks in a Small Open Economy: Sweden 1970-2001
Jesper Lindé, Sveriges Riksbank,
19 November

Financial Innovation, Market Participation and Asset Prices
Paulo Sodini, Stockholm School of Economics, 
5 November
Stock Market Indicators of Bank Fragility- Evidence from the Nordic Banking Crisis
Mattias Persson, Sveriges Riksbank,
29 October
Bank lending, Geographical distance, and Credit risk: An empirical assessment of the Church Tower Principle
Sofia Lundberg, Umeå University,
25 October
The effects of Policy Shocks in a Monetary Business Cycle Model with Unemployment
Michelle Alexopoulos, University of Toronto, 
22 October
Taylor rules and the predictability of interest rates
Paul Söderlind (Stockholm School of Economics), Ulf Söderström (Sveriges Riksbank), Anders Vredin (Sveriges Riksbank),
15 October
On the development and regulation of credit bureaus in the U.S.
Bob Hunt, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia,
10 october
Expropriation Risk and Return in Global Equity Markets
Magnus Dahlquist, SIFR & CEPR, 
8 October 
The Euro Is Good After All: Corporate Evidence
Yrjö Koskinen, Stockholm School of Economics,
1 October
A VAR Evaluation of New Keynesian Models of a Small Open Economy
Paolo Giordani, Stockholm School of Economics, 
24 September
University of Pennsylvania, Financial Fragility
Franklin Allen, Wharton School,
19 September
Liquidity business cycles and monetary policy
Nobu Kiyotaki, London School of Economics,
17 September
Deflation, Real Wages, and the International Great Depression: A Productivity Puzzle
Lee Ohanian and Harold L. Cole, UCLA,
10 September
Financial assessment programs
Robert Townsend, University of Chicago, 
5 September
G7 Inflation Forecasts
Fabio Canova, Universitat Pompeu Fabra,
13 August
Price Dispersion in Monetar Unions: The Role of Fiscal Policy (co-authored with F. Canova)
Evi Pappa, London School of Economics,
14 August
PPP in a Multivariate Panel Cointegration Model
Tor Jacobson (Sveriges Riksbank), Johan Lyhagen (Stockholm School of Economics), Rolf Larsson (Uppsala University), Marianne Nessén (Sveriges Riksbank),
25 June
FX Trading... LIVE! Dealer Behavior and Trading Systems in Foreign Exchange Markets
Geir Bjonnes, SIFR,
18 June
Measures of Technology and the Business Cycle
Mikael Carlsson and Annika Alexius, Uppsala University,
11 June
Identifying the Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks in an Open Economy
Anders Vredin, Tor Jacobson, Per Jansson (KI), Anders Warne (ECB),
7 June
Interest Rate Stabilization and Monetary Control
Guido Lorenzoni, Princeton University, 
5 June 

Option-Implied Distributions: What is the Role of Risk Premia?
David Vestin, ECB (joint with Peter Hördahl),
4 June
On the causes of overlending: Are guarantees on deposits the culprit?
Mariassunta Giannetti, Stockholm School of Economics,
28 May
Measuring the Welfare Costs of Inflation in a Lifecycle Model
Paul Gomme, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland,
23 May
Inflation Targeting Rules: History Dependent or Forward Looking?
Kai Leitemo, Norges Bank,
14 May
Will Equity Valuation Ratios Revert to Their Historical Means?
John B. Carlson, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (joint with Eduard A. Pelz och Mark E. Wohar),
23 April
Financial Instability and Monetary Policy: The Swedish Evidence
Michael Bergman, (Lund University) and Jan Hansen (Riksbanken),
19 April
Recovering Risk Aversion from Options
Robert R. Bliss, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (joint with Nikolaus Panigirtzoglou, Bank of England),
16 April
Transparency of Monetary Policy: Does the Institutional Framework Matter?
Petra Geraats, University of Cambridge,
10 April
Evaluating Implied RNDs by some New Confidence Interval Estimation Techniques
Magnus Andersson, Sveriges Riksbank, (joint with Magnus Lomakka, AP-fund),
2 April

Solution of Macromodels with Hansen-Sargent Robust Policies: Summary and Some Extensions
Paulo Giordani and Paul Söderlind, Stockholm School of Economics,
26 March

Bank Crises in Emerging Markets and the Optimal Government Bailout Policy
Rudolf Bems and Kristian Jönsson, Stockholm School of Economics,
19 March
How Important Is Pre-commitment for Monetary Policy?
Ulf Söderström, Sveriges Riksbank (joint with Richard Dennis, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco),
5 March
Price discovery on FX markets with differentially informed traders
Peter Schotman, Stockholm school of Economics,
19 February 

Taylor Rules and the Term Structure
Carlo Favero, Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi,
12 February
Why Don't Prices Fall in a Recession?
Nils Gottfries, Uppsala University,
5 February

Can the New-Keynesian Approach to Monetary Policy Fit the Facts?
Paul Söderlind, Stockholm School of Economics, Ulf Söderström and Anders Vredin, Sveriges Riksbank,
29 January
Capital Adjustment Patterns in Swedish Manufacturing Firms: What Model do they Suggest?
Stefan Laséen, Sveriges Riksbank,
22 January
What Determines Real Exchanges Rates in the Nordic Countries?
Anders Bergvall, Uppsala University,
15 January

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