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26 Apr 2005 - 07 Aug 2007
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Britannica Learning Library
Capture a Child's Imagination

Young readers experience the joy of discovery with this beautiful new series of titles for ages 6 to 12. Full of color photos, specially commissioned illustrations, and superbly written articles, the Britannica Learning Library is the perfect addition to any child's home library. Seventeen titles cover the subjects children love, each with articles of varying types - essays, biographies, letters, poems, and stories - to expose children to different writing styles.

Special Features Include:

"Search Light" Activities - Comprehension items check a child's understanding of the article. Answers are provided in an inverted color-coded box.
"Did You Know?" - Fun facts related to topics provide additional information.
Cross References - Most references can be found in other volumes, encouraging further research
Bold-Faced Words - Bold-faced words indicate a glossary entry. A glossary is located at the back of each volume.

Individual Titles:

Exploring Space
Planet Earth
Science and Nature
Technology and Inventions
The Arts
Wildlife Wonders
Legends, Myths, and Folktales
Religions Around the World
Remarkable People in History
Views of Europe
Views of Asia, Australia, and New Zealand
Views of Africa
Views of the Americas
Food Plants
Creatures of the Waters
Artists Around the World
Familiar Animals

Product Details

17 volumes
64 pages per title
8 ¾" W x 11 ¼" D x 3/8" W (Across Spine)

Price: 5500/- (INR) inclusive of all taxes.
For further details e-mail us at shop@ebindia.com or call us at +91 - 11 - 41828194-97
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