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02 May 2006 - 16 Feb 2011
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2006 Encyclopaedia Britannica World Atlas

$129 (AUD)

Encyclopaedia Britannica is proud to announce the release of the 2006 Edition of the Britannica World Atlas. Utilising modern and accurate mapping techniques such as satellite imaging and laser measurement this is a truly comprehensive atlas of our planet. The Britannica Atlas is magnificently presented in hardcover with a dust jacket and slipcase.

With over 390 pages, the Britannica Atlas provides an amazingly detailed view of our planet and the illustrated thematic content covers the most important geographical issues of the day. The maps are organised by continent with each continental section being introduced by a stunning satellite image.

An introductory section, The World Today, includes detailed information on such topics as world population, cities, climate, the environment and telecommunications as well as updated details of the world's states and territories. Also included are geographical comparisons, planets, earthquakes and volcanos, vegetation, cities and energy.

The extensive index has over 130,000 place name entries from the reference maps. Cross referencing to alternative and former names is also possible. The reference mapping reflects recent geopolitical and geographical change around the world. In addition, detailed plans of 32 of the world's great cities are included on the reference maps of the country in which they are located for easy reference.

Product Details:
Binding: Hardcover
Dimensions: 270mm x 360mmX30mm
1 volume
Pages: 392
ISBN: 1-59339-268-0

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