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Internet marketing. Searching for better options?
Imagine life without the internet. Impossible, right?
Today, research shows that over 11 million Australians regularly use the internet for email, product searches, shopping, online bookings and entertainment. But while all of us have embraced the technology that makes such things possible, the commercial reality of success is another story for business.
Disappointed with reactions and response rates?
Are your customers using the internet? Have your online sales risen with your expectations of success? Yes, no, not sure? This is a challenge, and sometimes a frustration, especially if you have invested heavily in a web site (or costly database system) and the ROI is less than it should be.
Your web site may be flashy and exciting, yet it fails to attract enough visitors, or rank high enough on Google to be a serious contender in its category. Perhaps you are disappointed by the low response rates from your email campaigns. There could be several reasons: the subject line isn't enticing enough to read on, the copy is dull, or the offer is not relevant.
We understand your disappointment. And hope to be able to turn it around, with a more positive spin.
Got 2 minutes? Hear what Options clients say. Click below for short video testimonials.
We know what works and what doesn't.
At Options Strategy, we're in the business of making your Internet communications really perform and deliver the results you want.
To us, every campaign is a reflection of your brand and an important contact opportunity with customers. It's created with a compelling idea, persuasive copy, and all the right details are in the right places to close the sale or drive click throughs to your web site. There's no point producing something that's deleted from the inbox because it looks like spam. Or a web site with more misses than hits because it's not strategically designed.
What's more, we offer a total one-stop solution in house. One relationship – so everything can be integrated from start to finish. From strategy to creative, technical broadcast to full customised reporting. (Sounds like a better option already.)
Top companies get continual results.
Since 1995, Options Strategy has been producing highly successful permission email campaigns and search engine optimisation for leading Australian companies, such as
"Well done for the excellent results achieved on the recent Britannica permission email campaigns. The outcomes truly exceeded our expectations"
Britannica Australia
Whether you have strong experience with internet and business campaigns, or are new to it all, talk to us or drop us a line. Why not check out the short videos on our site and hear what other people think.
We can help you discover a better Option. (But hey, we're biased!)
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