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8 May 2006 - 28 Aug 2007
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Oleg Zamulin, SITE TBA
20 June

Mark Gertler, NYU TBA
12 June

Nonlinear models and monetary policy
Marcelo Medeiros, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
7 June

Lars Svensson, Princeton TBA
7 June

The Effect of Transaction Pricing on the Adoption of Electronic Payments: A Cross-Country Comparison
Wilko Bolt, ECB and DNB (joint with David Humphrey and Roland Uittenboogerd)
23 May

Riksbanken Cash use in Sweden in registered economic and in non-registered economic activities
Gabriela Guibourg and Björn Segendorff, Sveriges Riksbank
16 May

Macroeconomic Dynamics and Credit Risk: A global Perspective
Til Schuerman, NY Fed
12 May

Hilde Bjornland, Oslo universitet
9 May

Per Strömberg, SIFR
2 May
Derivation and Estimation of a New Keynesian Phillips Curve in a Small Open Economy 
Karolina Holmberg, Sveriges Riksbank
25 April

Lars Ljungqvist, Stockholm School of Economics
11 April

Fabio Canova, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
29 March
Modelling structural breaks and regime switching
Paolo Giordani, Sveriges Riksbank,
21 February

Life-cycle housing and portfolio choice with bond markets
Otto van Hemert, SIFR and University of Amsterdam,
7 February

Liquidity Coinsurance, Moral Hazard and Financial Contagion
Fabio Castiglionese, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, (joint with Sandro Brusco)
31 January
Fully revealing prices and other market anomalies
David Goldbaum, Rutgers University,
30 January

Informal Finance: A Theory of Moneylenders
Andreas Madestam, Stockholm School of Economics
26 January
Down or out: Assessing the Welfare Costs of Household Investment Mistakes
Paolo Sodini, Stockholm School of Economics (joint with Laurent Calvet and John Campbell), 
24 January

An Empirical Analysis of the Currency Denomination in International Trade
Fredrik Wilander, Stockholm School of Economics,
23 January

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