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20 Jun 2006 - 21 May 2011
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Published articles

Adolfson, Malin,
"Incomplete Exchange Pass-Through and Simple Montary Policy Rules"
Journal of International Money and Finance, forthcoming

Adolfson, Malin, Stefan Laseén, Jesper Lindé and Mattias Villani,
"Are Constant Interest Rate Forecasts Modest Policy Interventions? Evidence from a Dynamic Open Economy Model",
International Finance 8 (3), 2005, 509-535.
Andersson, Magnus and Magnus Lomakka,
“Evaluating Implied RNDs by Some New Confidence Interval Estimation Techniques”,
Journal of Banking & Finance 29, 2005, 1535-1557.
Bems, Rudolfs and Kristian Jönsson,
“Trade Deficits in the Baltic States: How Long Will the Party Last?”,
Review of Economic Dynamics, forthcoming.
Corander, Jukka and Mattias Villani,
"A Bayesian Approach to Modelling Graphical Vector Autoregressions",
Journal of Time Series Analysis, forthcoming.
Dennis, Richard, and Ulf Söderström,
“How Important Is Precommitment for Monetary  Policy?”,
Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, forthcoming.
Hansson, Jesper, Per Jansson and Mårten Löf,
“Business Survey Data: Do They Help in Forecasting GDP Growth”,
International Journal of Forecasting, forthcoming. 
Jacobson, Tor, Jesper Lindé and Kasper Roszbach,
"Internal Ratings Systems, Implied Credit Risk and the Consistency of Banks’ Risk Classification Policies",
Journal of Banking and Finance, forthcoming.
Jacobson, Tor, Jesper Lindé and Kasper Roszbach,
"Credit Risk versus Capital Requirements under Basel II: Are SME Loans and Retail Credit Really Different?",
Journal of Financial Services Research, forthcoming. 

Jonsson, Magnus,
"Product and Labour Market Distortions in Europe",
Economic Letters, forthcoming

Jonsson, Magnus and Paul Klein,
“Accounting for the Relationship between Money and Interest Rates”,
Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming.
Lindé, Jesper,
 “Estimation of New-Keynesian Phillips curve: A FIML Approach”,
Journal of Monetary Economics, forthcoming.
Villani, Mattias,
“Bayesian Point Estimation of the Cointegration Space”,
Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming.

Villani, Mattias and Rolf Larsson,
"The Multivariate Split Normal Distribution and Asymmetric Principal Components Analysis",
Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, forthcoming.
Vredin, Anders and Anders Warne;
"Unemployment and Inflation Regimes",
Studies in Non-Linear Dynamics and Econometrics, forthcoming

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