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The information on this page enables the user to find all Neo-Punic texts, by means of the geographical index. Clicking on a country name will give the overview of all places in a given country where NP texts have been found. Clicking on a place name will bring the reader to the texts from that place. The complete Neo-Punic text is available, together with a more or less up to date bibliography for each inscription. The texts are best viewed when the adaption of the Times New Roman font, "Transcript Times, Roman" is used. The font may be downloaded from this site.

As the meaning of many texts remains doubtfull, it will take some time to add the discussion on the translation. The first step will be the addition of a complete vocabulary.
Of some of the texts a drawing has been added. All drawings have been made after existing photographs and drawings. In no case an existing drawing has been used.

The link to the Neo-Punic coins enables the user to find most of the coins with Neo-Punic legends. Clicking on a coin legend will give access to an overview of the coins that have been issued with that or a related legend. The aim of this part of the collection is only to give an overview of the legends, and it is not organised with the numismatician's point of view in mind. For the sake of completeness, and to give an idea of the possible texts to be encountered on coins, we have included Punic coin legends as well, as this could be done relatively easily because of the existence of the repertorium of Punic coin legends by L.-I. Manfredi (see the bibliography sub MP).

This page has been made and is maintained by K. Jongeling, Dept. of Comparative Linguistics, Leiden University, The Netherlands. For comment on the Neo-Punic texts please contact the author.

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