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Market Watch
Wed, 23 Aug 2006 21:56:35 GMT
Forex Trading
Forex Trading
Managed Accounts
Managed Accounts
IB Partners
IB Partners
Currency (FX) Trading Platform
Interbank Forex Accounts starting USD 25'000
Advanced Online Currency Trading Platform
Professional Forex Interbank Dealing
Interbank Liquidity: 100 Million at one click
Bank Guarantees Funding
Open LIVE Account
Open DEMO Account
Forex Managed Accounts
Managed FOREX Accounts from USD 25'000
Aggressive Strategies
Conservative Strategies
Selection of World Top Managers
FOREX Portfolio Diversification
Open Managed Account
Partnership Programme
Introducing Brokers: Web and Classic IB
Asset Managers: multi-manager PAMM 
White Label Partnerships: Partial/Full WLP
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Regulated by ARIF, Switzerland
Swiss Prime Banks  Account Depositories
Legal Structure and Support
Dukascopy (Suisse) SA
ICC, Route de Pré-Bois 20
1216 Geneva 15
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tel: +41 (0) 22 791 7050
fax: +41 (0) 22 791 7055

e-mail: info@dukascopy.com
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Dukascopy Interbank FOREX
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Forex Trading With DUKASCOPY
0-1 pip EUR/USD Spread
100 Million Liquidity at one click
Lowest spreads on majors and crosses
Direct Market Access to FX dealing
Biggest Forex liquidity network of banks, hedge funds and brokers
Price execution control
Advanced Back Office for Managers
API trading support
"Skype Us" and phone 24/7 assistance
Dukascopy Suisse SA is a Swiss regulated Brokerage House focused on providing an access to the largest Interbank Forex Liquidity.

As Dukascopy Suisse concentrates solely on Interbank Forex Liquidity, we do not work in areas which may cause conflict of interest such as Market Making.

Dukascopy is offering the biggest one click liquidity supplied by large number of counterparties/liquidity providers. Clients of Dukascopy can buy/sell billions of dollars in one second without engaging in phone based currency dealing. Today 100 millions are traded automatically with ~ 3 pip spread.

Dukascopy assures anonymous trading Environment for Interbank professional Forex trading and enables full slippage control even in fast market changing conditions. Dukascopy Suisse SA accepts bank guarantees from its clients and provides API trading facilities to make client access to market liquidity safe and convenient from both business and technology point of view.

Key advantages that differentiate Dukascopy Suisse as the Swiss Leading FOREX Interbank Broker include:
Forex Managed Accounts:
Managed Account Selection Program.
Direct Access to the world’s best FX Asset Managers
Full scale Risk Management
Performance and Management Fees automation
PAMM – Percent Allocation Money Manager
Capital Guarantee Solutions
Maximum Drawdown Options
Credit lines operation facilities
Customized Forex Trading Platform
Partnership solutions:
IB - Introducing Brokers
External Asset managers
WLP – Partial and Full White Label Partnership
If you are interested in obtaining more information, please request a call back or send us an e-mail.
Interbank Broker Commission
Commission Volume
• USD 10 per 1 mio   > 5 Billion Monthly
• USD 15 per 1 mio   > 3 Billion Monthly
• USD 20 per 1 mio   > 2 Billion Monthly
• USD 25 per 1 mio   > 1 Billion Monthly
• USD 30 per 1 mio   < 1 Billion Monthly
Company News
21 August 2006
Starting September 1st, 2006, The Minimum Interbank Account for self traders is set USD 50'000.

7 August 2006
Dukascopy Suisse SA offers Arabic Interbank Trading Platform

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