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The Riksbank's methods of promoting financial stability can be summarised in the following points:
Stability analysis
The Riksbank makes regular analyses of the risks and threats to the stability of the financial system. Twice a year the Riksbank publishes its assessment of stability in the Financial Stability Report. The analysis is largely focused on systemically-important institutions, primarily the major banks, and on the financial infrastructure in the form of the large systems for payments.

Oversight of the financial infrastructure
The Riksbank also has a more direct oversight task with regard to some of the technical and administrative systems used for payments and the transfer of securities. The purpose of these is to reduce the risks and increase the efficiency of the system’s design. This entails, for instance, making assessments of whether the systems comply with international standards.

Preparedness for financial crises
The Riksbank’s task of promoting a safe and efficient payment system means that the Riksbank must be prepared to manage a potential crisis in the financial system. This work is done in co-operation with other authorities, both Swedish and international.

The Riksbank is also active in bringing about a sound regulatory structure both in Sweden and internationally. This is achieved through participation in various international regulatory bodies, as well as in opinions expressed in consultation on draft legislature. The Riksbank also takes part in the public debate, through speeches and articles.

Dissemination of knowledge
The Riksbank attempts to contribute to increased knowledge of the financial system and its functions. This is achieved through publication of the brochure "The Swedish Financial Market", through lectures and through research.

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