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29 Jun 2004 - 18 Aug 2007
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The Riksbank can grant both intraday and overnight credit, and also uses other monetary policy instruments that entail risks corresponding to those for granting credit. To limit these risks, the Riksbank, like most other central banks and in accordance with the Sveriges Riksbank Act, applies the principle that adequate collateral shall be pledged for all such exposures.
The collateral is mainly comprised of securities, but in special cases foreign currency may also be used as collateral. The Riksbank, together with the Danish and Norwegian central banks, has developed an automatic system for using liquidity in one of the central banks as collateral for intraday credit in one of the other central banks. This system is called the Scandinavian Cash Pool.
The Riksbank also cooperates with these two central banks on the management of collateral in the form of securities.

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