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The Open Society Institute (“OSI”) and Soros foundations network (“Network”) website is designed to provide easy access to OSI and network news, articles, publications, events, grant information, and more. (OSI serves as the hub of the Network, a group of autonomous foundations and organizations in over fifty countries.) The site is primarily organized around "initiatives," which are formal efforts set forth by OSI and the Network to support areas of work on a regional or Network-wide basis. Initiatives include grantmaking and operating programs, as well as fellowships and scholarships, and they are organized in the site by "issue" and "region." Initiatives can be accessed by pulldowns at the bottom of every page. For more information, please see the site map.
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Some documents and files on soros.org require plug-ins—software that must be downloaded and "plugged in" to a browser in order to view a document or play an audio or video clip. A few popular plug-ins are listed below:
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe's Acrobat Reader must be installed on your system to open documents available on soros.org in the pdf (portable document file) format. It can be downloaded free of charge.
RealOne Player
Sound and video clips are streamed on soros.org using audio and video players from Real Networks. The RealOne player can be downloaded free of charge.
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OSI-New York and OSI-Budapest are separate organizations that operate independently yet cooperate informally with each other.
This website, a joint presentation, is intended to promote both organizations’ interests while maintaining their respective transparency.