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Revenue Watch Institute Receives $9 Million Boost for Fight against Corruption
Press Release
September 15, 2006
The Open Society Institute, Norway, and the Hewlett Foundation have launched the Revenue Watch Institute, a major initiative to tackle corruption in states rich in natural resources. more
AIDS 2006: OSI at the XVI International AIDS Conference
Toronto, Canada
August 13, 2006
OSI staff and grantees participated in over 25 conference presentations, satellite sessions, and press conferences on issues including harm reduction measures, sex worker health and rights, palliative care, the interaction between the TB and HIV epidemics, and human rights protections in the fight against HIV.  more
Lack of Political Commitment Impedes Efforts to Control Tuberculosis in Brazil
Press Release
July 20, 2006
An OSI-sponsored report challenges the Brazilian government to improve its record on TB, which kills more than 5,000 Brazilians annually and is a leading cause of infectious death for people living with HIV/AIDS. more
Priceless Texts End Sixty-Year Odyssey
Press Release
July 14, 2006
Generations after being looted by Soviet troops, a trove of religious and philosophical texts from the 15th–18th centuries has been returned to its rightful home after a twelve-year effort supported by George Soros and the Open Society Institute.  more
OSI Forum: Protecting Fundamental Rights in the "War on Terror" — Perspectives from the United States and Europe
OSI - New York
July 13, 2006
At this discussion sponsored by OSI's U.S. Justice Fund and Justice Initiative, two leading experts examined the ways in which security and liberty have been, and should be, balanced in fighting terrorism.  more
OSI Forum: The End of Interest Group Liberalism?
OSI - New York
July 13, 2006
OSI hosted a panel featuring critics of interest-group pluralism who explored alternative approaches to building a more just society.  more
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Soros Foundations Network 2005 Annual Report
A comprehensive survey of the activities and funding priorities during 2005 of all OSI initiatives as well as the Soros foundations network. more
OSI Brochure: A Record of Achievement
January 2006
This brochure features selected OSI activities and achievements in the areas of freedom and democracy, human rights, education, public health, and transparency. more
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