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Roma Inclusion: Lessons Learned from OSI's Roma Programming
June 2006
Summarizing the experience of OSI and its partners in working with the Roma, this report makes recommendations to help improve the effectiveness of efforts to promote the inclusion of Roma in society. more
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Ethnic Profiling in the Moscow Metro
June 2006
Riders on the Moscow Metro who appear non-Slavic are over twenty times more likely to be stopped by police than those who look Slavic, according to this report by the Open Society Justice Initiative, in partnership with JURIX and Lamberth Consulting. more
OSI Forum: Felon Disenfranchisement—Costs and Consequences
OSI - New York
June 20, 2006
The Open Society Institute hosted a panel discussion to explore how mass imprisonment gravely impacts democracy and to highlight national campaigns underway to challenge it in courts, state legislatures, and communities across the United States.  more
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Op-Ed: Judgement in Phnom Penh
Dina Nay and James A. Goldston
June 26, 2006
To make the Extraordinary Chambers a success, the Cambodian government and the international community must address several major challenges, write Dina Nay of the Khmer Institute of Democracy and James Goldston of the Open Society Justice Initiative.  more
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A sampling of links to other organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, that provide information and resources related to OSI's work. more
Several OSI initiatives distribute email newsletters on a range of issues related to program activities around the world. more
Soros Foundations Network 2005 Annual Report
A comprehensive survey of the activities and funding priorities during 2005 of all OSI initiatives as well as the Soros foundations network. more
OSI Brochure: A Record of Achievement
Selected OSI activities and achievements in the areas of freedom and democracy, human rights, education, public health, and transparency. more
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