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26 Sep 2006 - 5 Jun 2009
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Photo Acknowledgments
Arts & Culture Program
Thomas Dworzak
Central Eurasia Project
Tim Dervin
Documentary Photography Project
Marcus Bleasdale
East East Program
James Hill
Education Support Program
Natalia Shablya
Economic & Business Development Program
Siphiwe Sibeko
Human Rights & Governance Grants Program
Jacqueline Mia Foster
Information Program
Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert
International Harm Reduction Program
John Ranard
Latin America Program
Thomas Kern
Media Program
Ivan Sigal
Medicine as a Profession
Gigi Cohen
Open Society Justice Initiative
Eric Gottesman
Joe Rubino
Program on Reproductive Health and Rights
Mel Rosenthal
Program on Death in America
Ed Kashi
Public Health Program
John Ranard
Roma Programs
Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert
U.S. Justice Fund
Joseph Rodriguez
Women's Program
Joseph Rodriguez
Youth Initiative
Amani Willett
About Us
Jonathan Moller
Joe Rubino
Grants, Scholarships & Fellowships
James Hill
Resource Center
Sven Torfinn
James Hill
Economic Development
Siphiwe Sibeko
Human Rights
Jan Dago
Media, Arts & Culture
Ivan Sigal
Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert
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