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Updated on: Tuesday 10 October 2006, 0:50 Makka Time, 21:50 GMT  

UN action against N Korea sought

George Bush, the US president, has branded North Korea's nuclear test "a threat to international peace and security" and called for an immediate response by the UN Security Council. FULL STORY
• Alarm over N Korea 'nuclear test'
• Nuclear test sends markets diving
• Timeline: Nuclear negotiations
• Factfile: N Korea's nuclear capability

Qatar tries to broker Palestinian unity
Darfur food situation may worsen
New uniforms to tackle death squads
Ban to be UN chief
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Drawing by Shujaat
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Hugo Chavez: 'CIA has permit to kill me'
Former Mossad chief: 'Hezbollah lost the war'
'Lebanese working very hard to rebuild'

Publish and perish
Journalists in Iraq risk
death in the line of duty
Firas Al Atraqchi

Mixed verdict
Some Iraqis doubt PM's Anbar plan's feasibility
Maher Al Jasem

Collision course
Turkey heading for EU showdown over Cyprus
Kirsty Hughes

One year on
Reconstruction comes slowly to quake-hit Pakistan
Jody Sabral

Fettered press
Arab state media comes
under tighter censorship
Ahmed Janabi

Interfaith dialogue
Malaysia puts PM's case for harmony to the test
Ioannis Gatsiounis

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• Chavez denies being anti-US
• Ex-Mossad chief says Hezbollah lost war
• IgNobel prizes celebrate the unusual
• Chemotherapy 'affects memory'
• Haniya: We will not recognise Israel

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